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              Documentaries and narrations. Professional voice talents

Escena Digital Producciones

Broadcasters and professional voice talent for recording television documentaries, narrations, stories and books, TV commercials, interactive cd roms and dvds, audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies and producers. Professional speakers and voice dubbing for documentaries. Professional Voiceovers foreign language documentaries. Professional storytellers books and fairy tales. Narrative videos and dvds of companies.


  "El camino de la lengua". Documentary recorded by Tomás

Speech industrial video. Made by the announcer David L
Voiceover for corporate video of the company awarded the "PAU Sanchinarro. " Recorded by Jesus.
  Documentary recorded by Viondi: "La Cartuja"   Cultural documentary. "Guía de los Iberos". It was recorded by Antonio       Documentary"La Manchuela". Antonio is the voiceover

  Multimedia presentation of the Port of Ibiza. Speaker: Javier C.      
  Voiceovers for websites of medicine. Álvaro recording.      
Documentary "Torre Tavira". Spanish voiceover: Joel Documentary "Cuevas Altamira". English language. Voiceover: Charles   Voiceover for the documentary presentation of "Alma de Gredos. Speaker: Willy

    Spanish culture. Documentary.  Spanish voiceover: Jesús.

  Voiceover for the documentary  "La Tierra" with Jesús´s  voice.    
  Documentary final carreer project "Kigo". Voices of Antonio, Mar, Sonia G and Jesus.    
  Documentary "Jaén" with Albert.      
"Fiestas de Extremadura". Documentary recorded by Antonio to  Canal de Extremadura.  "Ecuextre" Documentary made by Albert to Discovery Channel   Voiceover of the documentary "Bagdad", about war and violence. Voice in english by Reuben.       Dubbing of the video "La Coruña". Tourist video with the voices of Mar and Javier C.
      Documentary "San Miguel de Abona"; voiceover in german by Peter.      
      Rafael T., voiceover of the serie "Los años del Nodo".  Documentary dubbing    
      Albert ,  Voice over catalan documentary; dubbing a catalan documentary    
      Guillermo B. ;   Voice over documentary recorded to Canal Cocina    
  Jesús,   Spanish voice over documentary about Spain. Spanish exhibits.  "Chocolat Museum"  Spanish voiceover: Sonia G.


Escena Digital Producciones

Producciones para radio, televisión y productoras publicitarias         

Dirección General: Jesús Ángel Morato. Teléfono : + 34 666 93 18 29     Administración: Luisa Prado. Teléfono : + 34 670 90 95 51 .  Estudios  de grabación en Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, Zamora, Lugo, , Marbella, Sevilla, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Segovia, Girona, Gijón  (España) y  Londres (Inglaterra) 
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