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Broadcasters and professional voice talent to record radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds, audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies and producers of radio and television. Speakers in German, English, French, Portuguese e-learning courses. Broadcasters dub e-learning. Broadcasters official training and education. Voice-overs for the recording of learning or "e-learning"for children in primary and secondary. Speech professional education courses for students and workers.

The e-learning is a distance learning system that allows the students a comfortable learning from home or from various classrooms enabled.

The use of Internet in these applications allows a more individualized and economic education . Currently, large companies have adoptted this system for training their employees and made them to learn new skills.

In recent years, we have made the speech of distance learning courses or e-learning for customers like Toyota, NH Hotels, Post, Repsol, Telefónica, Groupama, Hotline, Vodafone, etc ...

Because of our price and quality, we are leaders in the professional speech training for employees who taught Spanish companies for their employees. On our website you could find some examples of courses taken for some great companies in our country that have claimed our professional voiceover services courses in "e-learning."
Especially, for the future impact of our work, we are pleased to collaborate with the Ministry of Education. The importance of Internet in the classroom is a fact today, but that its use and relevance to the school, is full of new possibilities for teaching.
Distance education via the Internet grows daily. We are heading for the Ministry of Education utterances of the teaching units of content for various educational materials, both Primary and Secondary. The language we use often in didactic utterances are Castilian, English, Catalan, Galician, Valencian and language. Only perform this work with native speakers in different languages. This will respond to the linguistic diversity of Spain and the special educational needs of all students in the state. As an example of our work we propose a series of recordings of courses of instruction and training of workers in different languages ​​and various speakers' voices.


    Recording in eglish for Nh Hotels with Julie´s voice

  Recording for a computer course with the Spanish voiceover of Tomás  
  Speech for a techniques course. Voiceover by Javier C and others  
    Employees course recording in german language recorded by Andreas    
  E-learning platform presentation of "Virtaula", project of La Caixa. The english voiceover is Reuben.   E-learning course with Mar´s voiceover

  Employees course recording in english recorded by Charles ( English voiceover)  
    Interactive viceo for a Windows Vista Course with Javier J´s voice    
    Multimedia course voiceover made by Daniela, italian voiceover    
  E-learning platform presentation for TEA company. Voiceover of  Roberto   Multimedia course voiceover made by Antonio

  Course for Education and Culture Ministery in several languages: spanish, catalan, valencian, euskara, galician and english. Child voice in english made by Julie  
    Ana, euskara child voice made for a learning course  
Lesson for a spanish language course. Secondary level. New educational content is not yet published. Speakers: Javier, Sea and Jesus.
  Voiceover for a tutorial video made by David for the  website:   Thais´s voiceover in catalan language for a learning course  
    Laura V, child record voice, dubbing in valencian for a learning course for kids

    Laura V, adolescent record voice, dubbing in valencian for a learning course  
    Voiceover of a e-learning course for Cetelem enterprise. Voices of Marta, Sonia, Javier J, Iván, Guillermo and Jesús  
  Voiceover for a tutorial video by Iván, Spanish  Catalonian voiceover   Voiceover for the basic level- spanish course of the Andalucía Junta. Voiceovers: Viondi, Mar, Marta B, Javier J and Jesús.:  
    Demo e-learning course: "Compromiso".   Portuguese female voiceover: Catarina.  
    Demo e-learning course:  "Google Adwords".  Spanish female voiceover: Aran  
    E-learning course.  Old voice over: Roberto.  
  Google, e-learning course.  Spanish voice over:  Aran        


Escena Digital Producciones

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