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Here are  the perfect voices for your  Spanish  voiceovers projects:

Spanish Castilian (European) voice overs .  Spanish Neutral Latin American voiceovers /   Dubbers Spanish Castilian and catalan.  Broadcaster . Commercials Spanish voiceovers.  Recordings for audiobooks.   Spanish dubbers for videogames and e-learning courses.  Jingles and songs. Spanish Castilian voiceovers recordings /  Spanish voiceovers for e-learning projects /   Budget promotional video and documentaries /  Spanish training video.  Spanish voiceover producer ....Recording studio ( Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, Ciudad Real, Sevilla, Bilbao, Pontevedra, Tarragona . Madrid (Spain). More of 3000  voice overs of the word.  Voiceovers, 60 different languages.  Voices of  narration videos and documentaries. Narration for e-learning courses ( Spanish voice over , French voice over, English voice over, French voice over, Portuguese voice over, Italian voice over,  German voice overs, Korean voice overs, Dutch voiceovers, Chinese voiceovers talent....) Spanish  voice over.   Male and female Spanish Castilian voiceovers.   Full audio productions.  Spanish dubbers for films and spots.


Nuestra web principal de locutores  :


Locutores españoles. Voces profesionales en español. Spanish voice over   and

locutores y locutoras gallegos:  y

locutores italianos: y

Locutores ingleses. Locutor nativo inglés. Locutoras nativas. English voice over

locutores y locutoras valencianos:

locutores portugueses nativos y brasileños nativos. Portuguese voice over: y

Locutor francés. Locutora francesa. Locutores profesionales para audiovisuales y spots. French voice over.  Female and male voice 

locutores famosos españoles. Locutor y locutora español para publicidad y doblaje audiovisual:

locutores rusos. Russian voice over: y

locutores y locutoras catalanes para las grabaciones de spots y cuñas de radio.

locutores y locutoras alemanes. German voice over:

Locutores franceses: y
ocutores ingleses de diversos acentos: -




Locutores italianos para la grabación de cursos de formación y spots. Italian voice over., ,

Música libre de derechos para sintonías y  melodías de programas de radio, televisión y spots:




Spanish voice overs.  Male and female voiceovers

Voiceovers. Spanish voices. Albert. Spanish male voice

Aran, Spanish female voiceover

Spanish Castilian voice over
Catalonian voiceovers 20  years experienced. Spanish and Catalonian Voice Over Talent.   Spanish and catalonian dubber. Commercials,  promos , trainings , films, radio audiobooks , videos  and documentaries, Dvd movie,  podcasts .  Voice Over  artist.  Spanish/ Catalonian female Voice Over talent and dubber. Videos, documentaries, radio and tv,  corporate presentations,  elearnings projects, podcasts,  industrials, audiobooks. 
Galician voiceovers    
Valencia voiceovers
Basque voiceovers    
Canaries voiceovers  

Albert. Documentary voiceover. Discovery Channel


Aran.  Corporate video. Dubbing.

Andalucia voiceovers    
Famous Spanish voiceovers                    
Majorcarn voiceovers                    
Cartoon Spanish voices                    
European voiceovers   Jesús. Spanish male voice-over

  Mar, Spanish female voiceover

Spanish Castilian voice over
English voice overs   15 years experienced. Spanish Castilian voiceover talent:  audiobooks, dubbing, producer, documentaries, songs. Webmaster and writer. Spots. E-learning courses.  Author of scripts for radio and Tv. Author of songs for radio and Tv.   Spanish  female Castilian and Galician Voice over talent. Spanish voiceover for commercials, dubbing voice acting, documentaries, commercial and narration. Professional female voice over.
German voice overs    
Italian voice overs    
French voice overs    
Portuguese voice overs  

Jesus. Spanish voiceover.  Spain documentary. Tourism  video


Dubbing turist video: A Coruña. Voiceovers: Mar and Javier C.

Dutch voice overs
Russian voice over
Bulgarian voiceovers talent
Spanish Castilian voice over
Slovak voiceovers David L. Spanish voiceover

Sonia G, Spanish voiceover

 Ukrainian voice overs
 Polish voice over   15 years experience. Voiceover artist.   Voice of e-learning courses.  Spanish Castilian voiceover, voice over talent:  audiobooks, dubbing, producer, documentaries, .   Spanish female Voice Over talent.  Spanish voiceovers for e-learning courses, pomos , audiobooks , sports documentaries...
 Danish voiceovers    
Greek voiceovers    
Andorra voiceover.
Romania, Hungary voice over;  

Teleshopping.  Company: Autobrillante. Voiceover: David


Sonia G.  Dubbing corporate video. Company: Micos

Scandinavian voiceovers talent    
Danish voiceovers                    
Estonian voiceovers                    
Czech voiceovers talent                    
Romanian voice over                    

Galician voiceovers.

  Iván. Spanish male voice over

  Viondi, Spanish female voiceover

Catalonian voiceovers
Hungarian voiceovers talent   Spanish Castilian Voiceover. Young and middle age. Videos, documentaries, radio and tv,  corporate presentations,  podcasts,industrials, audio books, cartoon voices.  Spanish dubber and Catalonian dubber.   Female Spanish Voice Over.  Dubber.   15 years experience as  Spanish voice over for commercials, dubbing voice acting, documentaries, commercial and narration.
Belgian voice overs    
Serbian and Croatian voice overs  

Slovenian voiceovers.

Finnish voice overs Dubbing.   Spanish voice-over: Iván

Documentary: "Kayak".  Spanish voice over:  Viondi. Music free of royalties . Compositor: "Escena Digital".

Norwegian voice overs    
Lithuanian voiceovers.            
American voiceovers                    
Argentinian voiceovers                    
Latin American Spanish                    
Foreigner voiceovers                    
Latin American Neutral Spanish                    
Colombian  voiceovers artist                    
English North American voice overs                    

Brazilian voice overs

  Antonio. Spanish male voiceover

  Laura B Spanish female voiceover

French Canadian voiceovers
Mexican voice overs
Venezuelan voiceovers   Spanish Castillian voiceover talent. + 20  years experience . Spanish Voice Over Talent .Spanish - Castillian. Commercials,  promos , trainings , films, radio,  audiobooks , e-learning,  videos  and documentaries, Dvd movies,  podcasts .   Spanish female Castillian voice over.  Spanish voiceover.   Female Spanish voice over.Spanish voice over for commercials, dubbing voice acting, documentaries, commercial and narration. Professional female voice over.
Chilean voiceovers    
Peruvian voiceovers  
Asia, Pacific voiceovers

Korean voice overs

  Documentary:  Manchuela. Spanish voice over:  Antonio. . Laura B. Recording of Company. Spot
Arabic voice overs
Japanese voice over                    
Kazakh voiceovers                    
Thailand voiceovers                    
Indian voiceovers                    
Chinese voice over (Cantonese)                    

Chinese voice over (Mandarin)

Joel, Spanish male voice over

Anna, Spanish female voiceover

Kazakh voiceover
Filipina voice over   Voice talent artist. + 15 years experience. Spanish CastilIan Voice Overs. Catalonian professional  voice over talent.  Announcer for commercial and narration radio and tv.  Voiceover commercials. Voice recording eTraining and e-learning.  Spanish dubbers.   Spanish female voice over talent. . Phone systems. Radio and tv. Dubbing. Spanish voice over : boy, girl, teen,  young , adult and middle age . Spanish dubber. .  Spanish Catalonian voiceover.
Vietnamese  voice overs    
Hebrew voiceovers    
Africa voiceovers
Arabic  Moroccan  voice overs    
Arabic Egyptian voice overs   Joel, Spanish voiceover. Corporate video narration: "Hermanos Cuesta"  

Cartoon dubbing .  Anna, Mar, Ivan  (Spanish voiceovers)

Angola voiceover
Africaans voiceover        

You can listen to more   Spanish voice overs in:

Our activities:

TELEPHONY:   Messages, interactive voice, voicemail.  Music hold.

COMMERCIALRadio, films, animation, ifomercials, Imaging, trailers, films .. Cd room and e-learning programs.

NARRATION:  Spanish voice over for: radio, television,  audiobooks, documentaries,  medical presentations,  web narration,  news narration, museum narration. Narration for e-learning courses.

INDUSTRIALSpanish voice overs :   Training programs, .Promotional Video. Presentation. Public Service Announcements. Teleshopping narration.

Foreing languages:  Spanish voice over, Portuguese voice over, Italian voice over, English voice over, German Voice over. Russian voice over, French voice over, Spanish Castilian (male and female) voice over ...


Music royalty-free to 0   Euros . Music from advertising, videogames  radio and  audiobooks. 
Jingles music and professional recording voiceovers for radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds and advertising guidelines for companies. Production music library for radio and television. Royalty free music for television, radio, film and advertising. Artistic creations for television and film soundtracks and television. Music documentaries. These themes are free and can be downloaded freely. The quality is not the most suitable for professional projects.


Video dubbing . Spanish voiceovers

Cartoon Dubbing. Spanish    Voiceovers: Javier J,,Mar.... Documentary: "Museo Cerralbo",.  Spanish voice over:  Viondi.  Promo Commercial Tourist  "A Coruña".  Spanish female voice over:  Mar Dubbing.  Conmpany: "Aguado Mobiliario".   Javier C. Spanish voice over.

Dubbing Company  "Genie".  Spanish voice overs:  Iván and 5 Spanish voiceovers


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